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Access permissions

Rules for the regulation of access and movement of people and vehicles:

Documentation required for the request:

· Sterile Areas Card

· Non-sterile areas card

· Visitor Card

· Permanent vehicle pass


Request form – Annex 1
Sterile Areas Card

Request form – Annex 2
NON-Sterile Areas Card

Request form – Annex 3
State Authorities Card

Request form – Annex 4
VISITOR day pass for people and vehicles

Request form – Annex 6
Permit Permanente Means

Attachment 7
Airport map

Substitute Declaration Form – Annex 8

Airport License (ADC)

· Request form – Form 01 ADC
Airside airport license request form

· Request form – Form 02 ADC
Airside airport license required – ADC transfer from other national airports


Rates for access permits and airport licenses
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ENAC Ordinance n. 13/2014
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Transmission letter
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