Cagliari, capital and most populous city of Sardinia, rich in history, nightlife, monuments, natural attractions, it is undoubtedly one of the cities in Italy that is worth visiting and is an excellent starting point to discover the whole southern part of Sardinia ! Nestled between the sea and the mountains, Cagliari is the perfect city for a seaside escape in any season of the year and one of the access points to the most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia, along its 50 kilometers of coastline you can find the one that suits you best: natural pools, white sand beaches and bays protected by the rock. But Sardinia is not just sea: there are countries and villages to be discovered, made of narrow and cobbled streets, parks, hiking trails and lots of archeology! Furthermore, in Cagliari, a fishing town, a mixture of different cultures that came from the sea, you cannot fail to savor the traditional cuisine , characterized by a culinary history made up of contaminations, influences and traditions, very varied and diversified, ranging from seafood to land dishes, both of peasant and pastoral derivation, of game, fishing and collection of spontaneous herbs.


Cagliari is definitely worth a visit in any season!