CRS Bank scents Cuneo-Levaldigi Airport.


CRS Bank scents Cuneo-Levaldigi Airport.

Starting today, CRessenza welcomes travelers at the airport

Starting today, Cuneo-Levaldigi Airport smells like CRessenza, the olfactory brand of Banca CRS S.p.A.

What leads a bank to also communicate by smell and to do so at an airport stopover?

“For some years now we have been on a path that aims to combine our DNA as a bank that possesses an important historicity, with an increasingly innovative service model, which has naturally also involved our marketing and our approach to communication,” explains Emanuele Regis – General Manager.

CRessence is the result of a project that has involved the bank’s employees at various times in a process aimed at translating into fragrance the values, typical characters and messages that we want to convey to those who come into contact with our Institute and has been carried out with methodologies also based on neuromarketing and applied neuroscience, with the aim of being able to dialogue with the most emotional part of people.

In this the sense of smell, among the five senses probably the least perceived, but the most powerful, proves particularly fit for purpose, since the processing of received messages takes place in the part of our brain dedicated to emotions and is linked to long-term memory. That is why often unexpectedly smelling a scent makes one travel through time and space.

Fundamental to the creation of the fragrance was the collaboration with the Mùses – European Academy of Essences, a project created thanks to Terre dei Savoia, which found hospitality in Palazzo Taffini d’Acceglio, owned by Banca CRS since 1976. The inputs gathered were given a chance to be translated into olfactory notes, expertly blended by the maitre parfumeur at Mùses to become the perfume that represents CRS Bank in its uniqueness.

The connection with Cuneo-Levaldigi Airport was almost natural. CRS Bank is a partner in the airport and seeks to operate, including in the field of communications, in a way that gives visibility and push toward growth to the area to which it belongs, as this is part of its corporate mission.

The notes that make up the CRessence represent values that can also be associated with the province of Cuneo: freshness, openness, but also peace, serenity without forgetting the drive toward the future and dynamism, and that is why, in an ideal welcome given also to those who live the territory and know it well, the bank has decided to share all the beauty and good that the province offers, asking passengers for a small moment of pause to be transported, even before their journey, in an olfactory journey that will certainly be able to arouse emotions and memories.

CREssence at Cuneo Airport

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