Where we are

Cuneo Airport is easily accessible from all over Piedmont and Liguria and is characterized by a very favorable geographical position, both for its centrality in a highly industrialized area and for its proximity to places of particular tourist interest.


km 20 from CUNEO-SALUZZO

km 30 from MONDOVI’- BRA

km 47 from ALBA

75 km from ASTI

km 57 from TORINO

km 83 SAVONA

km 144 from GENOA

km 50 from LIMONE PIEMONTE (Ski slopes)

km 50 from PRATO NEVOSO-ARTESINA (Ski slopes)

km from FRANCE (km 68 from TENDE – km 150 from NICE )


Cuneo Airport is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

No parking is allowed during night hours at the airport.