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Valuable personal effects (such as, for example, photographic equipment, video cameras, personal computers, watches), brought by the traveler departing to non-EU countries, require documentation (purchase receipt, warranty certificate or import bill ) which demonstrates, in case of control upon return, their regular purchase in Italy. As regards purchases made in non-EU countries, the goods that the traveler brings with him in his personal luggage are exempt from customs duties, provided that these imports are occasional and their value does not exceed € 300 per traveler overall; this amount is increased to € 430 in the case of arrival by plane and by sea. If the value of the asset exceeds the aforementioned amounts, the traveler is required to pay the customs duties relating to the entire value of the purchased asset. The limit of € 300 and € 430 is reduced to € 150 for travelers under 15, regardless of the means of transport used.
Travelers not residing in the European Union can request a refund of VAT on goods purchased for an amount exceeding € 154.94, upon presentation of the purchase receipts at the exit point of the Community territory.

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