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Travel Information

What is needed to fly to Morocco ?
What is required to return to Italy from Morocco?
What is needed to fly to Italy ?
If I need special assistance who should I contact?

Cuneo Airport guarantees people with disabilities or reduced mobility all assistance services in transit and on arrival. All information is available on our page: Special assistance (PRM)

What does overbooking mean?

A flight is overbooked when the total number of passengers booked is higher than the available seats.
If a traveler holding a regular ticket fails to depart because of an overbooking operated by the airline, the latter has the right to monetary compensation and reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket for the portion of the trip not made or to an alternative flight that takes him or her to the final destination.

For more information visit our page: Overbooking, cancellations, delays and other complaints

Baggage Information

Can I also take the backpack over the trolley on Ryanair?

A small personal bag of maximum 40cm x 25cm x 20cm it is included for all fares for all passengers. This bag must fit under the seat in front of you.

For more information visit the following link

Doubts about luggage?
What are the prohibited items in hand baggage?

All items deemed dangerous for safety are not allowed on board. See the page on Security Checks

What are the prohibited items in hold baggage?

Explosive and incendiary substances and devices are not allowed on board.

The complete list of prohibited articles can be found at the following link .

Weapons and ammunition can only be transported if accompanied by a permit issued by the competent authorities.

See the page on Security Checks


Where can I pay for excess baggage?

At the ticket office or at the check-in desk in the departures area.

Baggage info on our page Baggage information

How much do I pay for excess baggage?

This is determined by the airline you travel with and varies from airline to airline. Check the baggage restrictions on the website of the airline you are traveling with to avoid any unpleasant unexpected events.

Baggage info on our page Baggage information

baggage information with Air Arabia:

baggage information with Albastar:

baggage information with Ryanair:


Can i bring medicines on board?

It is allowed to bring medicines on board according to certain criteria.

See our page Medicines on board

If I lose a baggage or an object, who should I contact?

If your baggage has not been received and you have lost an item during your flight or at the airport, contact the Info Point office located in the main entrance hall immediately or fill out the contact form on the Baggage Loss

Is there a baggage deposit at the airport?

No and it is strictly forbidden to leave luggage unattended inside the airport grounds.

Are there baggage wrapping points at the airport?

Yes near check-in. More info on the Luggage Wrap page.

Is there a porterage service?

No except for the one dedicated to special assistance services (PRM) see page Special Assistance (PRM)


How can I reach Cuneo Airport?

Cuneo airport can be reached by bus from several cities. All information on available connections to and from the airport on the page Transportation

How can I reach the railway station?

Fossano Railway Station can be reached by an Aerobus to and from the airport which departs for flights.

More information on our page Transportation

Where is the car rental?

The car rental car parks are located next to the passenger car parks and bus stops.

Visit our page Transportation for the list of car rental companies operating at Cuneo Airport.

Is there a taxi service from the Airport?

There are numerous taxis and NCCs to and from Cuneo Airport. See the section reserved for TAXI AND NCCon our page Transportation for more information.


Where can I park?

The car parks at Cuneo Airport are located right in front of the terminal. They are available to customers as well 400 uncovered parking spaces and 6 disabled parking spaces.

No reservation required, guaranteed availability. For more information visit our page Parking

How much does the parking cost?

Find all rates and information on our page Parking

How can I pay for the parking?

Payment for parking must be made at the automatic machines located at the entrance to the parking lot, in cash or by card.

For more information visit the Parking

Information on the airport

Is there an ATM inside the airport?

Yes, there is only one ATM in the entrance hall opposite the Info point.

Is there an exchange office inside the airport?


Is there wifi inside the airport?

Yes, there is a hotspot network which can be accessed for free by registering, following the guided procedure.

Is there a newsstand?

There is a newspaper outlet at the bar restaurant before the security checkpoints on the second floor and one beyond the security checkpoints at the bar by the gates on the second floor.

Is there a cigarette sales point at the airport?



I would like to report a disservice. I have a complaint/suggestion to make.

If you want to report an airport disruption or have a complaint or suggestion regarding airport services, refer to the page Suggestions and Complaints

Often the complaint has to do with airline problems, we remind our kind travelers that the Airport is not responsible for any flight delays or cancellations by airlines and that all services related to them are to be contested to the relative customers. care. Consult the website and the references of the airline you are traveling with.

You see Useful numbersfor any contacts or visit our page Overbooking, cancellations, delays and other complaints

Complaints concerning the Airport / Terminal.

Write us your report in the section Suggestions and Complaints

Complaints for late check-in desks or regarding the reduced number of check-in desks at the airport

The opening of the check-in desk depends on the type of flight and the airline. The reduced number of check-in desks depends on the contract established between the airline and the handler, in which various services are decided, including the number of desks available for check-in. The airport only provides check-in desks. Therefore you should address your complaint to the Airline you are traveling with.

Visit the page Useful Numbers


Requests for advertising space at the airport

See page Advertising

Tourist information

Where to sleep in the Airport area?

See the page What to do in Cuneo for all information regarding the overnight stay. Please note that you cannot sleep at the airport. The airport opens at 7:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm except on days with flights during the night.

What are the main points of interest around Cuneo Airport?

See the page What to do in Cuneo for all tourist information regarding places to visit and activities to do in our area!