FC Bayern Munich, BMW Museum, Hofbräuhaus

Take the opportunity to see one of the most anticipated matches of the season!

The great Bayern-Barcelona clash will be hosted in the beautiful Allianz Arena, a marvel of engineering, much loved by both Munich and tourists, who don’t waste time, once in the city, to be amazed by its futuristic face. Inside there are restaurants, bars and various shops, and you can also take a guided tour to discover many football curiosities. Don’t miss the adrenaline when its 2,760 synthetic cushions glow spectacularly in white, red and blue!

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For the Germans Hofbräuhaus , for Italians brewery . Obviously, in the home of beer par excellence, you cannot miss a visit to the best beer halls in Munich, including the famous Hofbräuhaus! The National Brewery of the Munich Court is a stop not to be missed, in fact it is the most famous house of Munich beer, one of the “seven sisters”, or the seven oldest blonde factories in the whole country . Its history can be summarized in four dates: 1589 (William V had it built to refresh the army); 1828 (Ludwig I decided to open it to the public); 1897 (became the property of the Bavarian state); 1958 (it was rebuilt following a bombing that destroyed the city). Do you know how many can enter it? About 3,000!

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Also for the lovers of engines , 5,000 square meters dedicated to the latter, or rather to those of BMW. The BMW museum in Munich presents the history of this prestigious car manufacturer, much loved around the world and born in Munich in 1916. THE n exhibition 125 pieces between acars, motorcycles and engines.

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Speaking of great emotions, if you are a sports fan, don’t miss the Flying fox , a launch from the roof of the Olympic stadium, the Olympiapark, built on the occasion of the 1972 Olympic Games e still a reference point in the city for sportsmen! Or, for those who love surfing, you can try your hand at this sport inside the Englischer Garten , on the River Eis bach, where a one meter static wave was created!

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Museums and parks, sports and events, breweries and stadiums, Munich is the travel destination perfect , come and have a toast in Bavaria!

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