Thanks to a partnership with DASTYFLYSIM dastyflyism.com the largest flight simulation center in Europe, Cuneo Airport is offering a COURSE ON THE FEAR OF FLYING.

First course on airport soil, it aims to be an approach to managing the fear of flying, for those people who have always or recently had this phobia. The goal is to acquire technical content about flight and aircraft, basic principles of safety procedures. There will be moments of discussion and thematic insights around the themes of phobias and the most common emotional and psychological contents of “aerophobias”.

The speakers Pier Rinaldi, aeronautical expert in air navigation assistance and Cristina Franchetti, psychologist and psychotherapist, with the experience of numerous courses on the fear of flying, will accompany the participants on a 4-hour course, during which there will be moments seminars accompanied by group activities, interaction and comparison. Those who feel up to it may also, have access to the boarding area and board an aircraft.

The course will be held on Sunday 29 May in two shifts of max. 20 people, 1st shift 9 am-1pm, 2nd shift 2 pm-6pm, and with a minimum of 15 participants.

The participation fee is discounted to € 57 for this first edition.

Participants will be sent the detailed program of the course with the confirmation of receipt of registration. During the course, support and in-depth material will be delivered.

All participants will also be able to fly with the professional flight simulator of a Boeing 737NG at the DASTYFLYSIM simulation center in Bergamo. The flight simulator, being dynamic, recreates all the sensations of flight, generating a useful and preparatory experience for a real flight. Details and costs will be indicated during the day of the course .


Registration has ended.

Future rescheduling of the course will be offered on this page.

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