Third largest city in Germany e important hub for travel around the world Munich is certainly known to all for theOktoberfest ! But Munich is not just beer, sauerkraut and pretzels, it is also a popular tourist spot for those who follow art, music and for sports and nature enthusiasts. Certainly a visit to the town square, Nymphenburg Castle, the Town Hall and the Cathedral, or let yourself be enchanted by the spectacle of the clock tower, in Marienplatz, are all stops that you must do as a tourist. But then it will also be nice to follow some unusual itineraries to discover the Munich of those who live there. For example, those looking for relaxing places, a few kilometers from the city, can visit the Nymphenburg Park, a green lung that, among fountains and flowers, surrounds a small and precious baroque palace. In winter, when the temperatures drop, the canal also becomes a beautiful skating rink. More famous but equally beautiful, considered among the largest public parks in the world, in the heart of Munich, the English Garden , which contains the “Monopteros”, a small temple in the Greco-Roman style, and the “Chinese Tower” , an Asian-style structure that today is surrounded by a “beer garden” where people can sit and sip beer. Speaking of beer, those who love it cannot fail to visit the Hofbräuhaus, the most famous brewery in all of Munich located in the heart of the city, a real work of art for its decor and style. Staying on the gastronomic theme, a walk to the Viktualienmarktis absolutely another of the things to do here. A market full of colors and flavors, but above all of Bavarian specialties cooked to perfection.


On Sundays, those who love art can take advantage of a visit to the museums for only 1 euro. Another interesting stop for fans of the sector, the BMW Welt in front of the BMW Museum. a structure where you can touch all the new models produced by the car manufacturer and test the cars along an internal ramp. Finally, for those who love sports, Monaco offers many interesting ideas, one above all, the most original, the Flying fox , a jump from the roof of the Olympic stadium, or, for those who love surfing, you can try your hand at this sport inside theEnglischer Garten , on the Eisbach River, where a one meter static wave was created.

In short, in Munich there is a lot to see, but if this were not enough you can always fly to… the rest of the world!

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