Munich: its Nazi history and the Holocaust

Munich is not just about beer, art and clubs but is steeped in history.
The Holocaust of the Second World War left an indelible trace in its territory and in the memory.
From Munich there are numerous tours to experience a journey into the memory and historical testimony of what happened.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site:

a guided tour of the complex, a place of memory and education dedicated to the thousands of people who were imprisoned and lost their lives there between 1933 and 1945.

Tour from 32 €

Along the way we will trace the rise of the Nazi party in the 1920s to the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in 1933, the history of the introduction of concentration camps and the role played by Dachau as a model for other camps. You will participate in a guided tour of all the areas and buildings open to the public: the reconstructed barracks and cells, the barracks, the guard houses. You will visit the SS training facility, the prison restroom and the main gate with the infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei” slogan. You will observe the perimeter fence, some religious monuments and the bunker, which served as a prison inside the camp. Your guide will tell you about the torture and punishment methods used in the camp and the various medical experiments performed on the prisoners. You will hear the daily life stories of the prisoners and their guards and learn all about Georg Elser, the man who nearly killed Hitler and was executed in Dachau. You will visit the former gas chamber and crematorium. You will watch a short color video of Dachau showing the hours following the liberation and hear what happened next.

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Monk of the Third Reich:

A walking tour of the Munich of the third Reich. Visit the places of Hitler’s rise to power in the capital of Bavaria, hear your guide tell about the Nazi project of the Third Reich, visit Hofbräuhaus, Feldherrenhalle and Königsplatz the breweries where Nazi shirts used to gather and learn about the history of “La Rosa Bianca “, the opposition movement to the regime.

Tour from 18 €

Explore Munich’s dark past and the birth of Nazi ideology on a 2.5-hour city walking tour. Led by an expert guide, discover the sites where Adolf Hitler and his followers were preparing to found the Third Reich, giving Munich the title of “Capital of the Nazi movement”. See the breweries where Nazi shirts and Nazi fanatics congregated and sites related to Kristallnachdifici’s 1938 anti-Semitic pogrom, and trace the events that saw Hitler and the Nazi propaganda machine take power in 1933. Visit the memorials to those who died opposing the Nazi ideology.

In 1919, Germany emerged from World War I as a defeated nation, with Munich bowed by inflation and Bavaria characterized by protests and unrest. Nazism thus developed as a reaction movement to this general sense of malaise and thus made possible the rise of one of the most powerful rulers in history: Adolf Hitler. With this tour you will visit historical places, such as the Hofbräuhaus (the brewery at whose door Hitler exhibited points of his program) and the Feldherrnhalle (Loggia dei Marescialli), where the first attempt to strike the Nazi state was thwarted in 1923. You will then continue to Königsplatz and stop in the Hofgarten gardens, where the resistance movement “The White Rose” developed. With this tour you will be able to visit the most important places in the history of Nazism and discover the history and facts related to it, also visiting beautiful places in the city of Munich.

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