New partnership between Cuneo Airport and Aero Locarno


GEAC and Aero Locarno announce the start of collaboration on a mutual development focused on training pilots who wish to earn their Airline Pilot Training License in a professional and efficient environment.

GEAC will support Aero Locarno at the logistics-infrastructure level for ATO (Approved Training Organization) flight school operations by providing adequate airport space for training/briefing rooms and hangars.

Aero Locarno plans to base 12 airplanes and a flight simulator at Cuneo Airport.

This collaboration aims to prepare the next generation of pilots for new market opportunities and will create 20 new, highly skilled jobs.

“We are constantly seeing how much the training standards offered by Aero Locarno are appreciated by the aviation market,” says Stefano Buratti, Chief Executive Officer of Aero Locarno “Combining them with the infrastructure and navigation services of Cuneo Airport will make our cadets excellent professionals and pilots with a unique set of skills and training.”

Aero Locarno is a Swiss Approved Training Organization, a partner of The Airline Pilot Club (APC). Employing professional pilots as instructors, the school has developed a method closely akin to airline training techniques, preparing students for their flying careers from their earliest hours. Over the past four years, the training capacity of this center has more than doubled on an annual basis.

“We are proud to be able to launch this new project,” says Anna Milanese, General Manager of Cuneo Airport. “The collaboration with Aero Locarno fits perfectly with our development plans, which aim to create new activities at our airport. A qualified training center was one of the pieces that we were still missing.”

Levaldigi, 03/23/22

GEAC Aero Locarno Press Office


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