October 1, 2, and 4, 2022 LET’S MAKE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS GO AWAY WITH “AISM’s Apple” More than 2 million apples await you in the streets to support the fight against multiple sclerosis


is the solidarity number that supports the projects “Impact from Covid-19” and “Italian Multiple Sclerosis Registry.” to book them find the nearest section at

On Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, many squares will be colored red, yellow and green. These are the AISM apples that 14,000 volunteers will distribute throughout Italy. 2 million tasty apples of three different qualities, granny smith, golden and noared collected in 1.8 kg bags that can be had for a minimum donation of 10 euros. The event will also return to the square on Oct. 4 for the Day of Giving, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of Italy established to celebrate the values of solidarity and subsidiarity.

“The Apple of AISM” is the information, awareness and fundraising event sponsored by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association held under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic and under the sponsorship of the Advertising Progress Foundation. Testimonial, always at AISM’s side, Chef Alessandro Borghese , who also on this occasion wanted to put his face to the initiative. “Let’s make MS disappear with a bag of apples,” the Association’s appeal.

It is already possible to reserve your own bag of apples. Simply contact the AISM Provincial Section in your city, a list of which can be found at http://www.aism.it/mela.

Funds raised in the squares will go to secure and enhance services for people with MS and to support multiple sclerosis scientific research. The decisive cause and cure have not yet been found , but thanks to advances in scientific research, there are therapies and treatments that can slow the course of multiple sclerosis and improve the quality of life for people with MS. There are currently 100 active research projects funded by AISM and its Foundation and 450 researchers working alongside the Association.

Multiple sclerosis isa serious, chronic, unpredictable and often disabling disease of the central nervous system . It mostly manifests as disorders of movement, vision, and balance, following a different course from person to person. It is a disease that mainly affects young people and women at twice the ratio of men. MS-related diseases include neuromyelitis optica (NMO), which has a framework of health and social welfare needs and interventions similar to MS. “Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders have long been considered a variant of MS. Today, scientific knowledge has enabled important steps to be taken in the knowledge and diagnosis of these diseases that have brought advances and more specific therapeutic possibilities that can act on the mechanisms of the disease” explains Carla Tortorella, a neurologist at the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital in Rome.

The numbers. MS is a major health and social emergency. In Italy, 3,600 people are affected by multiple sclerosis every year. A new diagnosis every 3 hours. Of the 133,000 people with MS, 10% are children and 50% are young people under 40. MS is the leading cause of neurological disability in young adults after trauma. Italy is the country at medium to high risk of multiple sclerosis: it is 6 billion euros a year the average social cost of the disease. There are between 1,500 and 2,000 cases of neuromyelitis optica.

Also linked to the event is the 45512, the AISM solidarity number whose funds raised will go to support the study on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the lives of people with MS in Italy and the project on the implementation of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis and Related Diseases Registry, an essential tool for research and for the organization of health and social services. Donation amounts will be 5 or 10 euros from calls from landlines TIM, Vodafone, WindTre, Fastweb, and Tiscali; 5 euros from calls from landlines TWT, Convergenze, and PosteMobile; and 2 euros from personal cell phones WindTre, TIM, Vodafone, Iliad, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, and Tiscali.

RAI and many broadcasters alongside AISM. From Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, with the support of Rai for Sustainability, the fundraising campaign will be held on Rai television and radio channels, with the solidarity number 45512. There will be many TV and radio stations nationwide and locally promoting the “AISM’s Apple” campaign with AISM commercial planning.

QRCode: frame and download your favorite recipe, tip or idea

How many things can we do with apples? So many helpful tips come from the testimonials who support AISM’s Apple. Along with the bags of AISM apples offered by volunteers will be distributed the information leaflet inside which will be a QRCode. Framing it will reveal valuable tips and tasty ideas on how to use apples in the kitchen and beyond. Also on hand for the AISM Apple will be the Association’s splendid godmother Antonella Ferrari, actress, writer and woman with MS, and dancer Ivan Cottini.

Assaeroporti alongside AISM. Assaeroporti, the Italian association of airport managers, joined the “AISM Apple” initiative, along with the airports of: Alghero, Bologna, Cagliari, Crotone, Cuneo, Forlì, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Naples, Olbia, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Salerno, Turin and Trapani.

About AISM

The AISM, together with its Foundation (IMF). is the only organization in our country that has been intervening comprehensively in multiple sclerosis for more than 50 years, directing, supporting and promoting research science, helping to increase knowledge of multiple sclerosis and the needs of people with MS and their caregivers, promoting services and treatments needed to ensure a better quality of life, and affirming their rights.



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