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Safety policy

Geac SpA considers the safety of airport operations (safety) as a strategic element of its management activity. The Safety Management System (SMS) guarantees the best effectiveness to all the efforts that will be produced by the entire company organization to ensure the safety of passengers and users of the Airport.

The attention to safety is pursued through the constant commitment of GEAC SpA which supports and promotes the initiatives and behaviors aimed at achieving the highest levels of safety by adopting a proactive approach in its management.

Geac SpA encourages and favors open and frank communication, as a fundamental contribution to prevention, by reporting events that have had or could have had an influence on safety. Geac SpA guarantees that the information collected will not have the purpose of seeking personal responsibility, but exclusively that of identifying the criticalities of the airport operating system, in order to carry out a correct assessment and mitigation of the risks associated with it.

All the staff of Geac SpA are directly responsible, during the performance of their activities, for the implementation of the safety policy, both towards the Company and third parties, and must feel fully involved and shared in the prevention and information process. The governing bodies, in particular, are primarily responsible for this policy.

Ground Safety Report – GSR is one of the most important tools of the Safety Management System. Voluntary reporting is essential in order to reduce risks and prevent incidents and accidents.

To report dangerous events or potential critical issues, download the GSR model in pdf and send it to us, duly completed:

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