special assistance

PRM – Services for passengers with reduced mobility

Special Assistance can be requested by all people with disabilities or reduced mobility (eg physical disability, mental handicap or for reasons of age).

When booking the ticket

Special assistance must be requested from the relevant airline when booking your ticket or no later than 48 hours before your flight.

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At the airport

PRM passengers departing:

must arrive at the airport with the advance recommended by the airline e notify you of your presence through the following contact points:

  • intercom station located outside the terminal
  • check-in desks to request assistance at the reception desk.

Unless otherwise specified, the EC regulation 1107/2006 provides for the at least two hours in advance compared to the published departure time for those who present themselves at the call point outside the terminal and to at least an hour for those who go directly to check-in.

The airport is equipped with wheelchairs located in the departure hall which can be used by walking PRMs.

Once contacted, the assistance staff will assist the PRM during check-in and deliver any baggage to be checked. Once acceptance is complete, the PRM will also be assisted during the control and boarding operations until they have taken their seat on board the aircraft.

Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility are entitled to use the services of the airport and will benefit from assistance adapted to the degree of mobility detected.

The operations of boarding for the transfer on board are carried out with a special means: disabled lifter where necessary.

PRM passengers arriving:

The PRM passenger, whose presence has been reported to the staff in charge, will be assisted from his seat on the plane throughout the disembarkation procedure that will take him from the aircraft to the arrivals hall and in the recovery of hold baggage. Finally, the assistance staff will accompany the PRM to one of the release points outside the airport. The disembarkation operations for the transfer to the ground are carried out with a special vehicle: disabled lift where necessary.

Accessibility to the upper floors:

Access to the first floor where there is the refreshment area is allowed via a lift located near the entrance, next to the stairs. The same applies to the area beyond the security checks, at the boarding gates, access to the refreshment area on the first floor in this area is allowed via a lift for loading and unloading located near the stairs, you must hold down the button for the entire duration of the journey to get on and off.

Toilet for the disabled:

There are wheelchair-accessible restrooms on the ground floor, before check-in, and in the boarding area at the gates.


PRM passenger parking is free of charge.

PRM passengers should enter the parking lot normally by taking an entry ticket and park in the area reserved for them, leaving regular PRM tags in sight.

When exiting the parking lot, they will have to request an exit ticket from the Info Point by showing their PRM document.

On board

Operating air carriers give priority to persons with reduced mobility and any of their companions or certified service dogs, as well as unaccompanied children.

All airlines operating in Italy must guarantee, right from the booking / purchase stage of the air ticket, to persons with disabilities or persons with reduced mobility (PRM), the allocation of seats close to the companion, at no additional cost. Where this is not possible, they must be seated in the same row of seats or no more than one row of seats away from the accompanying person.

If it is found that the above provisions have been violated, ENAC will proceed to impose sanctions against the airlines.

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Overbooking, denied boarding, delays, cancellations

In the event of overbooking, denied boarding, flight cancellation and delays of any duration, persons with reduced mobility and their accompanying persons as well as unaccompanied children are entitled to receive assistance as soon as possible.

you see

EC Regulation n. 261/2004

Special Assistance at the Airport

* Campo Obbligatorio

9 + 5 =


Legend ** IATA CODES

(To determine the type of assistance to be reported when booking or purchasing a ticket)



Passenger who can walk independently inside the aircraft as well as go up and down stairs, but who needs a wheelchair or other means of transport to travel long distances inside the airport.



Passenger who can walk independently inside the aircraft, but who cannot go down or up stairs or who need a wheelchair or other means of transport to move around the airport.



Immobilized passenger, who needs a wheelchair to get around and needs assistance from the moment of arrival at the airport to the end of the flight as well as to leave the airport.

Passenger with hearing or hearing and speech impairments.

Visually impaired passenger (distinguish blind and visually impaired)

Passenger with impaired vision and hearing and who needs the assistance of a companion to get around.

Passengers with collective and behavioral problems.