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What to do near the Airport?

Cuneo Airport is located in a strategic territorial position: a short distance from the Alps, the Langhe and the sea, it is no coincidence that it is nicknamed “ Langhe and Alpi del Mare Airport.“. Located along the State Road 20 which leads directly to Colle di Tenda and Valle Roja on the border with France, the airport is also a few kilometers from the Parc National du Mercantour and Val d’Oronaye, other French borders, and from the most important ones. Cuneo cities and its valleys.

10 km Fossano
Po Valley, Bronda and Infernotto
10 km Savigliano
Varaita Valley
20 km Wedge
Maira Valley
20 km Saluzzo
Grana Valley
30 km Mondovì
Stura Valley
30 km Bra
Gesso Valley
47 km Sunrise
Vermenagna Valley
50 km Limone Piemonte
Pesio Valley
75 km Asti
Monregalesi Valleys
80 km Turin
Tanaro Valley
83 km Savona
Valleys Mongia, Cevetta, Langa Cebana

70-90 km France


European Park of the Maritime Alps – Mercantour


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Discover the Cuneo area and its mountains

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Discover Alba and the hilly wine-growing area of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero

Get inspired and discover the best of Langhe Monferrato Roero !

Immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere between the lands of wine and truffles by relying on Langhe Experience which selects for you facilities, locations for events, services, activities: collaborating with professionals, it offers you the best that the territory has to offer!

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Need an overnight stay near the airport?

Here are the structures closest to us!

With airport shuttle Without airport shuttle
B&B The Artist, 10 min from the airport €Cascina Garaita, 8 min from the airport €
Antica Villa Cuneo, 13 min from the airport €€Hotel Dama, 10 min from the airport €€€
B&B Torre dei Frati, 15 min from the airport €€Le Palme Loft Apartment, 12 min from the airport €€
Il Bambuseto, 15 min from the airport €€Hotel Romanisio, 13 min from the airport €€€
Cascina La Barona, 16 min from the airport €€Crowned 22, 14 min from the airport €€
The House of Fairy Tales, 16 min from the airport €€El Garbin, 16 min from the airport €€
Cascina Belmonte B&B, 16 min from the airport €€Il Borgo Orchidea Apartments, 16 min from the airport €€€
Small hotel, 17 min from the airport €€Zucca Flowers Farm, 20 min from the airport €€€
Red Castle, 17 min from the airport €€€€Hotel Ceretto, 20 min from the airport €€
Dimora Castello dei Conti, 21 min from the airport €€
B&B Villa Antilia, 21 min from the airport €€€
San francesco Guest House, 18 min from airport €€
Do you want snow?

Artesina, Frabosa Soprana and Prato Nevoso are all the ski resorts that make up the Mondolè ski area .

Located in the heart of the Piedmontese Alps in the province of Cuneo, it offers over 130 km of well-groomed slopes, first-rate ski lifts, artificial snowmaking, qualified ski schools and specialized ski clubs for all those who love the snow.

There are also many facilities such as hotels, residences and apartments that offer more than 4000 beds, without forgetting all the restaurants, typical clubs, pubs, huts, high altitude refuges and commercial activities that make the Mondolè Ski area a place to be dream for tourists of all ages.

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The “ White Reserve ”In Limone Piemonte, located in the province of Cuneo, offers snow tourists 80 kilometers of slopes, 16 ski lifts including 1 cable car and 11 chairlifts, a beautiful basin that connects three valleys.

Limone Piemonte satisfies the needs of all tourists, from the smallest to the most experienced: there are in fact oases of tranquility such as the Kinder Parks, where children can safely experience their first impact with the snow, and corners of paradise for everyone. snow-boarders, such as the snow-park equipped with jumps and railings for all lovers of this sport.

In addition, the Riserva Bianca offers 10 splendid huts where you can stop and enjoy the good Piedmontese cuisine at high altitude.

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Trekking enthusiast?

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More than 500 excursions in the Cuneo valleys on Cuneo Trekking , also available in app version!

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Outdoor experiences

Discover outdoor tourism in the Alps, Langhe, Monferrato and Roero:

Desire of sea?

From Cuneo airport you can easily reach the beautiful Ligurian coasts in just 1.20 h by car, find out what not to miss in the area of Savona !

Climbing enthusiast?

Our area offers numerous alternatives for climbing enthusiasts!

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Where to stay in Piedmont?

Booking Piedmont offers the possibility to book rooms and offers tourist packages that can be packaged in a preconfigured or dynamic way according to different types of product, seasonality or in relation to events of great appeal.

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Piedmont tour packages

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