With “Moeves,” a shuttle will connect Cuneo airport to five cities in the Granda region



With “Moeves,” a shuttle will connect Cuneo airport to five cities in the Granda region

From Monday, June 6, the service will be active, by reservation, in Cuneo, Fossano, Mondovì, Saluzzo and Savigliano

Starting Monday, June 6, a shuttle bus will connect the cities of Cuneo, Fossano, Mondovì, Saluzzo and Savigliano to Cuneo airport by reservation. The service, implemented by Moeves with six local public transport companies in the GrandaBus consortium (Bus Company, Allasia, Gunetto Autolinee, Sav Group, Valle Pesio and Stp), in collaboration with Cuneo Airport, can be booked online at www.moeves.it, through the eponymous “Moeves” app or by calling the number 0175/478816 (Reservation service operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.). A bus will arrive directly at the station or movicenter of the selected city and take you to the airport in time for check-in or, vice versa, will be at the Cuneo airport when your flight arrives. Specifically, runs will be made to Cagliari (Ryanair), Rome (Ryanair), Bari (Ryanair), Palermo (Ryanair) and Casablanca (Air Arabia Maroc). For more information: www.moeves.it.

“After last October’s successful launch of the ‘Moeves Real Time’ service over the city of Cuneo, we are enhancing the platform by offering a wide audience of users departing from or arriving at Cuneo airport, whether for business or tourism, the opportunity to take advantage of a fast, punctual and safe connection to some of the province’s major cities. Alba and Bra will also be added shortly.”, comments Filippo Beltrami, managing director of Moeves.

“With this project, the strengthening of services offered by local public transport companies continues to meet the mobility needs of users through increasingly targeted and tailor-made initiatives,” stresses Enrico Galleano, CEO of Bus Company. “In addition, this initiative represents the ability of our system to team up in the name of the overall development of the territory and its enormous potential.

“The collaboration with Moeves is the result of a long synergistic work with the territory,” adds Anna Milanese, general manager of Cuneo Airport. We are very satisfied that we can now offer users convenient and widespread accessibility service to and from the airport. With the summer season now upon us, incoming tourists will also be able to reach their final destination quickly and easily.”


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